Casual Questions with Robert McKinnon

Robert McKinnon is the author of Stepping into the Picture: Cartoon Designer Maurice Noble. Stepping into the Picture is a biography of the artist who mastered concepts of animated design for Disney, Warner Bros., and Dr. Seuss.

McKinnon is also is director of choral music at New Hyde Park Memorial High School. His work has appeared in the Comics Journal, Comic Book Marketplace, In Toon Magazine, and Comics Buyer's Guide. His book is currently available from UPM.

  • What was your first job?
    My first 'real' job was as a music educator, which has continued uninterrupted for 29 years

  • How do you like to relax?
    I like to relax by playing one of several Gretsch electric or Martin acoustic guitars, and using them to record original songs.

  • What is the most satisfying thing about finishing a book or having a book published?
    The most satisfying thing about having this, my first book, published is knowing that I've provided both casual fans and animation aficionados deeper insight regarding the
    'Golden Age' of animation. Maurice Noble, a truly
    unique character and dear man, most definitelydeserves this exploration of his career.


Unknown said…
wooh!!!! Go mr. Mckinnon!!!!!
your 7th grade chorus students!!!
Big Macccc!!!<333 You are the best teacher everrrr. WOOHOO BEATLES4EVER! Choral Class rox my Sox! Going on your magical errand journeys was the highlight of our year. Ooh bla dee Ooh bla da life goes on. Goodbye. See you next year!!!
-Joanna=D (Ringo) and Alexa (John)=P[Proud members of the N.B.S.O.A. (Nose Blowing Society of Anhingas)]
Anonymous said…
Yay, Mr. McKinnon!
You are such an amazing chorus teacher: we are so thankful that you didn't quit your job at Memorial to become a writer! You are the best! Everyone should go out and buy your book because you wrote it with your hard work and creative energy! Beatles 4 ever!
Love, Joanna & Alexa (: