Spring Reads for Moms, Dads, & Grads

Spring has finally arrived, and with it, plenty of new releases that are perfect for Moms, Dads, and Grads. Check out some of our new books below, and browse our complete Spring/Summer 2018 catalog here.

Marc R. Matrana, Robin S. Lattimore, and Michael W. Kitchens
An illustrated exploration of the legacies and restoration of historic antebellum homes in the South

Edited by Susan Cushman
Foreword by Alan Lightman
A collection of essays for writers, readers, and lovers of all things southern

John M. Hilpert and Zachary M. Hilpert
The definitive guide to every presidential visit to the state of Mississippi

John N. Herbers with Anne Farris Rosen
Foreword by Gene Roberts
A compelling memoir from the front lines of the civil rights movement

George T. Malvaney
A riveting story of perseverance and redemption that proves life is stranger than fiction

John Cuevas
Photographs by Jason Taylor
Foreword by Delbert Hoseman
A visually stunning photographic tour of Cat Island and its many historical sites

Ellen B. Meacham
The story of Robert F. Kennedy’s consequential visit to the Mississippi Delta

Malcolm White
Illustrated by Ginger Williams Cook
Foreword by Robert St. John
A playful look at one of Mississippi’s iconic landmarks

Will D. Campbell
Foreword by Jimmy Carter
Foreword to the new edition by John Lewis
The National Book Award-nominated memoir of a preacher, author, and civil rights activist

Lee Mandel
A biography of a master sailor, war hero, and one of the most unusual and troubled stars of the Golden Era of Hollywood

Photographs by Jim Lucas
Edited by Jane Hearn
Incredible photos documenting the struggle for social change in Mississippi

Dick Spottswood
A tale of two North Carolina brothers whose old songs and vocal harmonies captivated southern radio audiences for generations