UPM Gift Guide

Having trouble deciding what to get your loved ones for the holidays? Books make great gifts. 

Here are some suggestions on what to get  buy your…

…uncle who says they don’t make movies like they used to:

Dennis Bartok and Jeff Joseph

The colorful, compulsive, secretive history of famous and infamous film fiends. 

...grandmother who loves to paint outdoors:
Expressions of Place
John R. Kemp

Contemporary artists revealing the state’s urban landscapes, southwestern swamps, central prairies, verdant forests, and northern fields.

…your brother who is passionate about social justice:

R. Kim Rushing

Powerful first-hand witness to the prison experience in Mississippi’s sprawling penitentiary farm. 

…your neighbor who wants to save the trees: 

The Land of Rowan Oak
Ed Croom

Ideal for your neighbor who wants to save the trees, this is an extraordinary photographic documentary of the wild and cultivated plants and landscape of Faulkner’s inspirational writing sanctuary. 

…your roommate who is always pitching his latest business venture:

Lucky Dogs
Jerry E. Strahan

An insider's account of the iconic hotdog cart business and its role in the French Quarter and the world.

…your nephew who goes to every Marvel midnight screening:

The Comic Book Film Adaptation
Liam Burke

The first study of how the comic book moved to the center of Hollywood film production in the twenty-first century

…your best friend who spends her weekends grading: 

Michael Copperman

A mesmerizing account of the realities of working with Teach For America in one of the country’s poorest and most challenged regions. 

…your grandfather who loves to read historical fiction: 

Pelican Road
Howard Bahr

A riveting tale of a lost way of life along a great southern railroad.

...your sister who wants to be a writer

Things like the Truth
Ellen Gilchrist

A vibrant, passionate engagement with the transcendent joys of family and aging. 

…your father-in-law who fancies himself an expert on film noir:

Dan Duryea
Mike Peros

A biography of a devoted family man best known for his roles as abusive villains.

...your coworker who loves old Hollywood: 

A Girl's Got To Breathe
Donald Spoto

Get them the first  biography of this Oscar-winning actress.

…your dad who secretly wants to be a special agent:

Confessions of an Undercover Agent
Charlie Spillers

A true story of an ex-Marine who fought crime as an undercover cop, a narcotics agent, and finally a federal prosecutor. 

…your cousin who thinks she’s the funny one in your family:

Madeline Kahn
William V. Madison

The first biography of the great comedic actress and star of stage and screen.

your boyfriend who never says no to an outdoor adventure:

Shane K. Bernard

 An extraordinary engagement with the colorful history of a storied inland waterway

your mom who experienced school integration: 

My Triumph over Prejudice
Martha Wyatt-Rossignol

 The moving story of a black Mississippian navigated a tumultuous childhood, married a white civil rights worker, and rallied to transform her life