Barry Hannah Tribute

Last week, the Mississippi Department of Archives weekly program History is Lunch focused on a remembrance of author  Barry Hannah. Hannah, (1942-2010) published eight novels and four collections of short stories. A master of short fiction, Hannah is considered by many to be one of the most important writers of modern American literature.

The panel was made up by James G. Thomas, Jr., editor of Conversations with Barry Hannah, Hannah’s nephew and fellow author Taylor Kitchings, and longtime friend George Ezell. The trio share experiences, stories, and letters from their time with Hannah. Video of the presentation is below.

Conversations with Barry Hannah is now available from UPM. The volume collects interviews published between 1980 and 2010. Within them Hannah engages interviewers in discussions on war and violence, masculinity, religious faith, abandoned and unfinished writing projects, the modern South and his time spent away from it, the South's obsession with defeat, the value of teaching writing, and post-Faulknerian literature.