New Releases: October

UPM has seven great new books out this month. October releases are a really diverse set of books including titles in Caribbean Studies, Mississippi history, Folklore, including a new volume in our Folklore Studies for a Multicultural World series, some regional flavor from New Orleans, and  a pop culture/media studies book as well

These titles are now available.

Stable Views: Stories and Voices from the Thoroughbred Racetrack By Ellen E. McHale

This book offers an inside look at the thoroughbred racing industry through the words and perspectives of those who labor within its stables. Based upon more than fourteen years of field research, author Ellen McHale has traveled throughout the Eastern Seaboard and Kentucky to gather oral narratives from those most intimately involved with racing: the stable workers, exercise riders, and horse trainers who form the backbone of this industry. 

McHale includes interviews from bug boys, hot-walkers, exercise riders, judges, and grooms who work at iconic race tracks such as Saratoga, Belmont, Tampa Bay Downs, and the Evangeline Training Center in South Louisiana. Stable Views also features 43 beautiful color photos of horses, tracks, and workers taken by McHale.

Encouraged by the acclaim for his first book, From Midnight to Guntown, John Hailman has opened even more of the astonishing cases within the over thirty-five boxes full of trial stories he carried into retirement. And these are the stories Hailman gathered in Return to Guntown: Classic Trials of the Outlaws and Rogues of Faulkner Country.  

A lively, humorous, beautifully-written memoir featuring the colorful exploits of eccentric modern criminals from William Faulkner’s Mississippi where savvy victims most often outwit their criminal predators. Return to Guntown is intended to entertain and enlighten, these stories will delight any fan of the true crime genre and anyone who appreciates good writing and the skill of a master storyteller.

Getting Off at Elysian Fields tells the story of modern New Orleans through Pope’s obituaries of the leaders and artists who shaped the city. These are not just simple, mindless recitations of schools and workplaces, marriages, and survivors. Rather, the pieces collected here are full-blooded life stories with accounts of great achievements, dubious dabbling, unavoidable foibles, relationships gone sour, and happenstances that turn out to be life-changing.

Pope tells of these and many other fascinating lives in one of the country’s most jubilant and complex cities. Taken together, these lives paint a picture of the times, highlighting key milestones of the twentieth century. And Because New Orleans funerals are distinctive, the author includes accounts of four that he covered, complete with soulful singing and even some dancing.

Mississippians in the Great War: Selected Letters Compiled and Edited by Anne L. Webster

This book is a fascinating collection of correspondence from Mississippi soldiers, nurses, and relief workers during World War I and presents, in their own words, their roles during the Great War. 

Webster examined newspapers from all corners of the state for "letters home," most appearing in newspapers from Natchez, Greenville, and Pontotoc. The authors of the letters gathered here are from
soldiers, aviators, sailors, and relief workers engaged in the service of their country. Comments relating to various military actions are interspersed throughout to give the reader a context of the wide variety of experiences. Additionally, where possible, Anne L. Webster provides information on the soldier or sailor to show what became of him after his service.

Angelique V. Nixon explores the relationship between culture and sex within the production of "paradise" and investigates the ways in which Caribbean writers, artists, and activists respond to and powerfully resist this production. Forms of resistance include critiquing exploitation, challenging dominant historical narratives, exposing tourism's influence on cultural and sexual identity in the Caribbean and its diaspora, and offering alternative models of tourism and travel.

Resisting Paradise places emphasis on Caribbean people as travelers and as cultural workers who contribute to alternative understandings of tourism in the Caribbean. Through a unique multidisciplinary approach to comparative literary analysis, interviews, and participant observation, Nixon analyzes the ways Caribbean cultural producers are taking control of representation. 

Action heroines are now more popular in movies, comic books, television, and literature than they have ever been. Their spectacular presence represents shifting ideas about female agency, power, and sexuality. Beyond Bombshells explores how action heroines reveal and reconfigure perceptions about "how" and "why" women are capable of physically dominating roles in modern fiction, indicating the various strategies used to contain and/or exploit female violence.

Focusing on a range of successful and controversial recent heroines in the mass media, including Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games books and movies, Lisabeth Salander from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo novels and films, and Hit-Girl from the Kick-Ass movies and comic books, Brown argues that the role of action heroine reveals evolving beliefs about femininity.

The folktales of A. N. Afanas'ev represent the largest single collection of folktales in any European language and perhaps in the world. Widely regarded as the Russian Grimm, Afanas'ev collected folktales from throughout the Russian Empire in what are now regarded as the three East Slavic languages, Byelorusian, Russian, and Ukrainian.

This second volume that includes 140 tales continues the work started in Volume I, also published by UPM. A third planned volume will complete the first English-language set.