New Book Roundup

UPM is introducing seven new titles this month. All of the titles listed below are now available.

The Complete Folktales of A. N. Afanas'ev: Volume I, Edited by Jack V. Haney

The folktales of A. N. Afanas'ev represent the largest single collection of folktales in any European language and perhaps in the world. Widely regarded as the Russian Grimm, Afanas'ev collected folktales from throughout the Russian Empire in what are now regarded as the three East Slavic languages, Byelorusian, Russian, and Ukrainian. This volume is the first of a comprehensive trilogy that also includes commentaries to each tale.

Critical Interventions in Caribbean Politics and Theory, By Brian Meeks

These essays by Brian Meeks, a noted public intellectual in the Caribbean, reflect on Caribbean politics, particularly radical politics and ideologies in the postcolonial era. But his essays also explain the peculiarities of the contemporary neoliberal period while searching for pathways beyond the current plight.

Harmony Korine: Interviews, Edited by Eric Kohn

The newest edition of the Conversation with Filmmakers Series tracks Korine’s stunning rise, fall, and rise again through his own evolving voice. Editor Eric Kohn has brought together interviews from over two decades of the director’s career including rare interviews unavailable in print for years as well as a new conversation recorded at the filmmaker’s home in Nashville. As an interview subject, Korine is lively, complex, entertaining, and introspective. Korine is one of the most interesting filmmakers on the planet discussing his work. 

Hearths of Darkness: The Family in the American Horror Film,Updated Edition, By Tony Williams

This book traces the origins of the 1970s family horror subgenre  to certain aspects of American culture and classical Hollywood cinema. Williams investigates the key works of the 1970s by directors such as Larry Cohen, George A. Romero, Brian De Palma, Wes Craven, and Tobe Hooper, revealing the distinctive nature of films such as BoneIt's AliveGod Told MeCarrieThe ExorcistExorcist 2, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The book concludes with a new postscript examining neglected films of the twentieth and early twenty-first century.

Insider Histories of Cartooning: Rediscovering Forgotten FamousComics and Their Creators, By Robert C. Harvey

Robert C. Harvey, cartoonist and a veteran comics critic, author of several histories of comics and biographies of cartoonists, tells forgotten stories of a dozen now obscure but once famous cartoonists and their creations. He also includes accounts of the cartooning careers of a ground-breaking African American and a woman who broke into an industry once dominated by white men.

The Port Royal Experiment: A Case Study in Development, By Kevin Dougherty

The Port Royal Experiment was a joint governmental and private effort begun during the Civil War to transition former slaves to freedom and self-sufficiency. Topics explored by Dougherty include planning considerations, philanthropic society activity, civil society, economic development, political development, and resistance. Each chapter presents the case study in the context of more recent developmental and nation-building efforts in such places as Bosnia, Somalia, Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

A Vulgar Art: A New Approach to Stand-Up Comedy, By Ian Brodie
This book is the first examination of stand-up comedy through the lens of folklore.  By using a folkloristic approach to stand-up comedy, Brodie leverages the discipline's central method of studying interpersonal, artistic communication and performance. This book regards everything from microphones to clothing and LPs to twitter as strategies for bridging the spatial, temporal, and sociocultural distances between the performer and the audience.

Read a Q&A interview with Brodie here.