Happy Halloween from UPM

It just so happens that this installment of Film Friday falls on Halloween. And Halloween is a time for horror movies. Of course you can watch horror any time of the year, but it’s especially appropriate on Halloween. 

But what’s even scarier than watching a horror movie? Reading about horror flicks.
Recently, UPM has been branching out its film studies program to include the horror genre – an emerging academic discipline. And to celebrate Halloween, we've  highlighted a triple feature of horror film studies books.

American Horror Film: The Genre at the Turn of the Millennium edited by Steffen Hantke. This collection provide a comprehensive look at a decade of cinematic production, covering a wide variety of material from 2000-2010with a clear critical eye. 

Making and Remaking Horror in the 1970s and 2000s: Why Don't They Do It Like They Used To? by David Roche. This book explores in-depth the contemporary domestic horror remake phenomenon. What follows is comparative analysis of the politics and aesthetics of four classic horror films—The Texas Chain Saw MassacreThe Hills Have EyesDawn of the Dead, and Halloween—and their twenty-first-century remakes. 

Hearths of Darkness: The Family in the American Horror Film, Updated Edition by Tony Williams. This book traces the origins of the 1970s family horror subgenre (CarrieThe Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre) to certain aspects of American culture and classical Hollywood cinema.

And here's how we're celebrating today: we’re giving a copy of all three of these books to one lucky reader. There are three ways to enter to win our Halloween contest:

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At 4:00 p.m. today we will randomly select a winner and update this post when the contest is over. 


Thank you to everyone who shared the link to this post. And congratulations to Rosie Jones Nettles who entered the contest on our Facebook page.