Polly Dement on Tour

The stories told in Mississippi Entrepreneurs collectively draw the reader’s attention to an overlooked aspect of the state’s history: the tenacious and courageous journeys of Mississippi men and women who risk fortune and futures on creating successful enterprises. Most tell author Polly Dement exactly “how they did it” in their own refreshingly forthcoming and open words, bringing to life their entrepreneurial spirits. Family members and former colleagues have picked up the story line for legendary entrepreneurs who have passed on, recalling vividly the characteristics that set them apart.

The dreams of business entrepreneurs in this state were usually inspired by a passion for something, whether that was casting red-hot liquid steel into industrial products; constructing buildings; making agricultural products grow; delivering and installing furniture; using technology to improve systems; publishing; expanding food operations or sheer love of music, food, art, or books. And social and cultural entrepreneurs found their places among stories about building successful enterprises, including those focused on social justice, access to health care, and public education.

Altogether the stories in Mississippi Entrepreneurs illustrate common traits, including vision, drive, and the willingness to take risks and change for a better way, the ability to innovate, solve problems, and turn luck (both good and bad) to advantage. Most of these individuals generously share the rewards of their hard work and ingenuity with their communities.  

Readers will discover a wealth of entrepreneurial history and activity in Mississippi Entrepreneurs that they didn’t know existed. And aspiring entrepreneurs will discover role models who have salted their accounts with advice to follow.  

Polly will be signing her book at the following times and locations. At each event Dement will also be joined by selected entrepreneurs profiled (availability pending) who will also be on hand to sign books.

Tuesday, June 3, 5:00 p.m at Lemuria Bookstore

Thursday, June 5, Noon - 1:30 p.m. at Reed’s Gum Tree Bookstore

Thursday, June 5, 5 p.m. at Square Books

Friday, June 6, 5:00 p.m at Turnrow Book Company

Saturday, June 7, 2 p.m. at Lorelei Books

Wednesday, June 11, 5:30 p.m. at Lauren Rogers Museum of Art

Wednesday, June 25, Noon at the William F. Winter Archives and History Buildingas part the “History is Lunch” series