From the Mississippi Cotton Fields to the State Senate

David Jordan was born the youngest of five children in a family of sharecroppers. He was nursed and grew up in the cotton fields, joining his family in their work as soon as he was old enough to carry a sack. From the Cotton Fields to the State Senate is the inspirational account of black Mississippi state senator and city councilman David L. Jordan's journey from humble origins.

Jordan’s life in twentieth-century Mississippi spanned some of the most difficult times for black citizens as they coped with the effects of crippling economic circumstances caused by tenant farming and an attendant second-class citizenship frequently enforced through the most violent and repressive measures. 

Jordan shares his experiences from early childhood growing up in Leflore County—the heart of the Mississippi Delta—through his life and work in contemporary government. During this period he rose from his humble beginnings to become a college-educated professional educator and eventually one of the Deep South’s most recognizable social and political activists.

Earlier this week Jordan spoke at Lemuria Books. He shared an experience with the audience from his childhood that inspired and convinced him to not only stay in Mississippi but become an agent for political and social change.

With a deep belief in the power of education, hard work, and determination, David Jordan has worked tirelessly and courageously so that all his fellow citizens might enjoy the human and political rights he has long championed.

From the Cotton Fields to the State Senate is now available from UPM.

DAVID L. JORDAN is a Democratic member of the Mississippi State Senate, representing the 24th Congressional District since 1993. He is active in the Greenwood Voters' League. Jordan's co-author ROBERT L. JENKINS is professor emeritus of history at Mississippi State University and is co-editor of The Malcolm X Encyclopedia.