New Book: New Orleans Memories

Carolyn Kolb’s New Orleans Memories: One Writer’s City is a collection of vignettes that serves as a salute to the past and present glories of the Crescent City.

Kolb provides a delightful and detailed look into the heart of her city, New Orleans. She is a former Times-Picayune reporter and current columnist for New Orleans Magazine, where versions of these essays appeared as “Chronicles of Recent History.” Kolb takes her readers, both those who live in New Orleans and those who love it as visitors, on a virtual tour of her favorite people and places. 

Kolb writes in a gossipy, conversational tone, with lots of personal notes. Divided into sections on Food, Mardi Gras, Literature, and Music, these short essays can be read in on gulp or devoured slowly over time. Either way, the reader will find a welcome companion and guide in Kolb. 

In bringing her stories up to date, Kolb’s writings reflect an ongoing pattern of life in her fascinating city. Since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, some of these things remembered will never return. And some of the people whose stories Kolb tells are no longer with us. It is important to her, and to us, that they not be forgotten. Kolb, and her readers, can honor them by sharing and enjoying their stories.

As Kolb says, “When things fail, when the lights go out and the roof caves in and the water rises, all that remains, ultimately, is the story.” New Orleans Memories: One Writer’s City was made with love and is now available from UPM.

Readers can meet Carolyn Kolb on at 6:00 PM on Friday, October 18 at Garden District Bokshop in New Orleans.