Scotty Moore at Lemuria

Join us on Saturday, July 20 at Lemuria for the First Annual Sartoris Literary Group Festival from 1-3 p.m. There will be 10 authors, music, and refreshments.

Scotty Moore will be on hand to sign copies of his book Scotty And Elvis: Aboard the Mystery Train. This will be Scotty’s first visit to Mississippi since the 1950s. 

Scotty And Elvis details how Moore and Elvis Presley transformed popular music and created the sound that became a prototype for so many rock guitarists to follow. This book is a rewritten, retitled, and thoroughly updated edition of guitarist Scotty Moore’s story, which was originally published as That’s Alright, Elvis: The Untold Story of Elvis’s First Guitarist and Manager, Scotty Moore. 

With both Bill Black and Elvis dead, Scotty Moore is the sole survivor of the Sun Records sessions of July 1954 during which Elvis Presley, Bill Black and Moore, with Sam Phillips at the engineering sound board, blended country and blues into a new art form that would shake up American culture for decades to come. 

Other authors participating include James D. Bell signing Vampire Defense; Joni McPherron signing Poster Girl; Darden North signing Wiggle Room; Allen Guy signing Playing to Win; Richard Freis signing Confession; Mardi Allen signing Sons Without Fathers;  Rambling Steve Gardner signing Trader Jon’s and his latest CD; Liz Stauffer signing Thursday Morning Breakfast (and Murder) Club; and James L. Dickerson signing Memphis Going Down.