Staff Picks from our Website Super Sale

The following is a guest entry from Publicity Manager, Clint Kimberling, the last in our series of staff picks culled from our Website Super Sale. 

Selling a book full of fine art photography for only $20 doesn’t make sense. I think we’re crazy to include Herb Snitzer’s Glorious Days and Nights: A Jazz Memoir in our Website Super Sale. Glorious Days and Nights is a personal account of the jazz photographer Herb Snitzer, with a special focus on his years in New York City from 1957 to 1964. 

In the memoir, Snitzer recalls what it was like to go on the road with these musicians. His reflections run the gamut from serious meditations on his development as a young photographer working with musicians already of great stature to more conversational recollections of casual moments spent having fun with the jazz artists many of whom became close friends. 

The second half of the book features 85 black-and-white photographs including a number of iconic jazz images (Louis Armstrong with the Star of David, John Coltrane reflected in a mirror). Below are a handful of images from the book.

And through Sunday June 30 the book is marked down from $35 to only $20. If you're not really into black and white photography of famous musicians, you can save an almost 300 other titles at our Website Super Sale. You can even browse the sale by category and subject