Staff Picks from our Website Super Sale

The following is a guest entry from Marketing Assistant Courtney McCreary for our continuing series of staff picks culled from our Website Super Sale.  

Can you not start your day until finding out who’s doing what in Hollywood? Today, fan magazines such as People and US Weekly are quickly dismissed as publicity tools or fluff journalism. But, the American fan magazine represents a fascinating and indispensable chapter in journalism and popular culture.

Take a chance to see how Hollywood gossip all started with Inside the Hollywood Fan Magazine: A History of Star Makers, Fabricators, and Gossip Mongers. These stories gathered by noted film scholar Anthony Slide are as old as Hollywood itself. 

We are crazy to be selling this book for only $15.00. Filled with over 75 images and interviews with media people, editors, and writers, as well as an appendix detailing many American fan magazines, this book is a steal for anyone interested in Hollywood history. 

If old Hollywood isn't your thing, there are almost 300 other titles to choose from that have been discounted from 20% to 85%. You can even shop the sale by category and subject.