Staff Picks from our Website Super Sale

The following is a guest entry from Marketing Director Steve Yates. This is the first installment in a series of staff picks culled from our Website Super Sale.  

You have to be crazy to have a super hero-worthy website sale. And our super hero kiddo has a lot to celebrate this time! 

I think we are as crazy as super heroes to sell Cameron C. Nickels’ Civil War Humor for $10.00! The original price is $28.00, and it will be $28.00 again when the website super sale ends June 30. 

Civil War Humor is a hardcover with jacket, loaded with illustrations lampooning Confederate President Jefferson Davis and United States President Abraham Lincoln, poking fun at soldiers and tyranny and draft dodgers and overblown gasbags, and generally encouraging a populace through the horrors of war with a dark and sometimes wicked humor. Nickels examines and includes songs, poems, and marches. It is clear, as he says in the book, that the American Civil War was a war of paper that coincided with a revolution in the mass print medium. 

If the Civil War is not your bag, you can save an almost 300 other titles at our Website Super Sale. You can even browse the sale by category and subject.