On the Horizon: We End in Joy

We End in Joy: Memoirs of a First Daughter offers an extraordinary perspective on public life in an intimate account from the daughter of a highly controversial southern governor and a widely beloved first lady. Author Angela Jordan enjoyed a comfortable and quiet life in Vicksburg, the small southern town in which she was reared. She was a thirty-five-year-old mother of three daughters, and a woman with a politically liberal bent, when, against all history's odds, Mississippians elected her conservative Republican father, Kirk Fordice, governor in 1991.

In honest, direct, poignant, and often funny prose, the author offers a rare glimpse into a profoundly complex family and its painfully public fall from grace. Through it all, Jordan finds a story of joy ascendant and the wonder of discovering that, in the deepest sorrow, light and love always shine through.

We End in Joy will be available from UPM in September. Visit www.afjordan.com for more information on the book, upcoming appearances, and author blog.