Manning Marable, 1950 - 2011

On Friday, UPM mourned the passing of author Manning Marable. He was 60. Marable is the author of Race, Reform, and Rebellion: The Second Reconstruction, 1945- 1982. The 2nd and 3rd editions of this work were published by UPM and eventually updated through 2006. 

UPM director emeritus Seetha Srinivasan had the privilege of working closely with Marable. “Manning was a complete professional, and it was a privilege for me to work with him.” 

Marable was a prolific writer and one of the more outspoken scholars of African-American history and race relations in the United States. Marable’s much-anticipated biography of Malcolm X, Malcolm X: A Life in Revision, is scheduled to be released today. 

UPM is fortunate to count such a luminary among our list of authors. Srinivasan recalls working with him to be a pleasant experience. “He was beginning his ascent in the academic world when I acquired his book for UPM. He soon became a leading scholar of African American Studies and public intellectual. Throughout, his stance remained even, and his cordial manner toward us never altered.” 

Srinivasan continues, “Manning Marable was a towering individual, and I consider Race, Reform and Rebellion one of my strongest acquisitions. I am pleased indeed that UPM still has it in print.”