Comic Artist Harvey Pekar Dies at 70

Noted comics creator was found dead early this morning at his home in Cleveland.There is no cause of death at this time.

Pekar's best known work, American Splendor, is the longest-running, and arguably the most influential, autobiographical comic book series produced in America. The series served as the basis for the 2003  movie adaptation starring Paul Giamatti as Pekar.

 In 2008 Pekar was the subject of UPM's Conversations with Comics Artists Series. Harvey Pekar: Conversations includes almost 25 years of interviews, from a variety of sources—small fanzines, local public radio shows, and a profile in the Washington Post. He is as candid about his life and work in interviews as he is in his groundbreaking series, and these conversations display his quick wit, blunt opinions, and curmudgeonly persona.

UPM's thoughts go out to Pekar's surviving wife, family and friends.