Christopher Mauer on the Mississippi Arts Hour

Last weekend Christopher Mauer, author of Dreaming in Clay on the Coast of Mississippi, was a guest on the Mississippi Arts Hour with Larry Morrisey. Dreaming in Clay is the story of Shearwater Pottery and the Anderson family's artful enterprise.

Backed by his mother's passion for art, Peter Anderson, the oldest of the three Anderson boys, founded Shearwater Pottery. Yearning "to make Shearwater synonymous with perfection," he drew the entire family into his adventure. His brothers, "Mac" and Walter, made strange, wonderful pieces, though Walter Anderson eventually left the pottery studio to search for his own artistic path. 

Drawn by the exquisite work of Shearwater Pottery, the authors discover that painting, poetry, and storytelling--much of it by strong, unforgettable women--are still an essential part of the family's daily life. Intimate diaries, letters, and poems lead the reader into a stormy, passionate, sometimes heartbreaking past. Meticulously researched and compassionately written, Dreaming in Clay on the Coast of Mississippi gathers one family's eternal legacy of wisdom and beauty, the healing power of art, the consolations of writing and of memory, and the spiritual treasures given us by the natural world.

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Dreaming in Clay is now available from UPM.