On the Horizon: MuzikMafia

David Pruett's MuzikMafia: From the Local Nashville Scene to the National Mainstream details the formation, meteoric rise, and the subsequent break up of a unique musical collective. 

This well-known collective of Nashville artists,  including Gretchen Wilson and Big & Rich, suddenly appeared on the national stage in 2004 with platinum-selling albums, numerous industry awards, and widespread media coverage. 

Pruett examines the MuzikMafia from an insider’s perspective garnered through five years of working closely with the artists themselves, producing a rare, behind-the-scenes account of the commercial music industry and the MuzikMafia’s rise to superstardom.

To the uninformed it may seem that the MuzikMafia is a loose, informal collection of artists. However, it may be more difficult to gain entry into the MuzikMafia than an organized crime family.

Rules for membership of the MuzikMafia after the jump.

Rules of the MuzikMafia
  1. Respect and accept all forms of music, people, and forms of self-expression
  2. Never speak ill will of anyone or anything
  3. Be the best at what you do
  4. Do not promote yourself before any other artist
  5. No disrespect towards women
  6. No "hard" drugs
  7. No negativity towards other MuzikMafia musicians
  8. Ask what you give to the MuzikMafia, not what you can get from it
  9. Do not ask to join the MuzikMafia.
MuzikMafia will be available from UPM in May.