Legend of the Free State of Jones

A maverick, unionist district in the heart of the Old South? A notorious county that seceded from the Confederacy? This is how Jones County, Mississippi, is known in myth and legend.

Legend of the Free State of Jones by Rudy Leverett  was the first, authoritative explanation of just what did happen in Jones County in 1864 to give rise to the legend. Originally published in 1984, this book surveys the facts, the records, and the history of the "Free State of Jones" and well may provide the whole story.

Now back in print, the story has captured the imaginations of journalists, historians, essayists, novelists, short story writers, and Hollywood film makers lives on. Legend of the Free State of Jones is now available from UPM.

Keep an eye out for the Free State of Jones movie due out in 2012 from writer/director Gary Ross (Seabiscuit, Pleasantville)


sally jenkins said…
This is great news that you are bringing back Rudy Leverett's The Legend of The Free State of Jones.
Though my view of the subject differs, I found it a terrific book and I'm delighted to know it will be back in print. And I hope it stays in print. We can't have too maany perspectives on Newton Knight and Jones County. All the best, Sally Jenkins (co-author of that "new" book The Free State of Jones)
Jonathan Odell said…
I am grateful to University Press for re-releasing Dr. Leverett's work on the Free State of Jones. As a Jones Countian, I am especially indebted to Leverett's valiant efforts to wrestle this fascinating account from the swamps of racial politics, Lost Cause ideology, and Hollywood sensationalism. His work opened the door for other renowned historians like Dr. Victoria Bynum to build on his solid foundation. As a Mississippi novelist, I know how tempting it is to create a story where there is none and admire Dr. Leverett for his academic discipline to stick to the facts and still tell a great story.

Jonathan Odell