Praise for Sam Peckinpah: Interviews

Gabrielle Murray has lengthy review of Sam Peckinpah: Interviews in the current issue of Senses of Cinema.

Sam Peckinpah: Interviews, edited by Kevin Hayes, features the combustible director discussing his best-known films, including the gory western The Wild Bunch, the unsettling and controversial Straw Dogs, and the crime thriller The Getaway.

In these conversations, Peckinpah's candor--about himself, filmmaking, studios, male/female relations, violence, and contemporary politics--provides a thoughtful portrait of a polarizing filmmaker.

A sample of Murray's review below:
Taken as a whole, the interviews sketch a progression – a life’s trajectory – that incorporates several phases, some easy to forget when confronted by the mythology of “Bloody Sam”. They also reveal his impulsiveness and the inconsistencies in his comments, particularly in relation to individuals with whom he worked.

The significance of the book is found in the way the interviews chart the director’s public persona through its development, peak and decline...the book also stands as a source for some of the best interviewers of the time.

Read the full review here.