Praise for Blues Traveling

John Miller has some nice words for Steve Cheseborough's updated 3rd edition of Blues Traveling: The Holy Sites of the Delta Blues over at Weenie Cambell. Despite the name, Weenie Campbell is a serious site dedicated to "preserving country blues through education, performance, and technology."

From the review...
Blues Traveling goes much farther than simply reciting the names of places of interest and telling how to get to them, though. It also provides guidance for negotiating the culture that travelers will encounter in the course of such a trip, what can be expected in the way of food and accomodations, and how to comport yourself while on the trip so that Mississipians will be glad to see you again should you ever decide to re-visit the area.


Taken in sum, though, Blues Traveling does an admirable job at what it sets out to do, and is a fascinating read both for blues fans planning to make a trip to the Delta and to those who probably will never make the trip. The best travel literature works equally well for travelers and homebodies, and by that standard, Blues Traveling succeeds in spades.

Blues Traveling is available from UPM now and makes the perfect companion for a roadtrip through Mississippi.

Weenie Campbell also has a review Cheseborough's country blues album, Fetch It!. Find out more at