New Book: Justice Older than the Law

Justice Older than the Law: The Life of Dovey Johnson Roundtree tells the story of a groundbreaking civil rights crusader, lawyer, and ordained minister. This book is now available from UPM.

The product of an extraordinary ten year collaboration between National Magazine Award winner Katie McCabe and Roundtree, Justice Older than the Law illuminates both the personal journey of one unstoppable woman and the larger story of the nation's struggle for social justice.

Inspired by Thurgood Marshall and James Madison Nabrit, Jr., Roundtree went on to make history by winning a 1955 bus desegregation case, Sarah Keys v. Carolina Coach Company. That decision demolished "separate but equal" in the realm of interstate transportation and enabled Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy to combat southern resistance to the Freedom Riders' campaign in 1961.

At a time when black attorneys had to leave the courthouses to use the bathrooms, Roundtree took on Washington's white legal establishment and prevailed. She led the vanguard of women ordained to the ministry in the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1961 and merged her law practice with her ministry to fight for families and children being destroyed by urban violence.

Katie McCabe will be signing copies of her new book on July 18 at Politics and Prose Bookstore in Washington D.C. For the latest news, information, and reviews please visit