Observing Eudora Welty

Eric Banks has a nice item over at Brainstorm, the blog of The Chronicle of Higher Education. Banks, a former editor at Bookforum and a member of the National Book Critics Circle board of directors, covers Eudora Welty's upcoming centennial birth celebration (April 13). Naturally, Eric drew a straight line from Welty to UPM.

UPM has two new books, Eudora Welty as Photographer and Occasions: Selected Writings to commemorate her centennial birth year.

On Occasions Banks notes:

The essays offer up a wry and knowing side of Welty’s writing, one that puts a small dent in the simplistic but pervasive view of her as a quaintly sheltered mascot of relatively genteel southern writing and something like what Claudia Roth Pierpont once called “a kind of Eleanor Roosevelt of literature.”

And on Eudora Welty as Photogapher, Banks writes:

[this book] continues the argument McHaney has made previously for seeing the author’s work behind the camera not merely as a propaedeutic incitement for writing but as a career path that she might have pursued but for the good fortune she found in getting her writing published.

Both books were edited by Pearl McHaney and are now available from UPM.