Praise for Conversations with Wendell Berry

The current issue of American Scientist Magazine features a review of UPM's Conversations with Wendell Berry. This volume, edited by Morris Allen Grubbs, gathers for the first time interviews with the writer, ranging from 1973 to 2006, including one previously unpublished. The paperback version is currently in it's second printing.

A small excerpt from Christine Casson's review:
These interviews provide a compelling venue for him to speak about writing, art, culture, religion, education, poverty, language, history and time. The wisdom revealed in this book is the result of Berry's decision to abide in the world, to exert himself daily in the effort to comprehend and to engage with both the human and the natural landscape. And although his work is primarily local, the effects of his inquiry are far-reaching. This book should be required reading for all writers, scientists, environmentalists, politicians and
educators—indeed, anyone who would see American society healthy once again.

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