New Book, Barthe: A Life In Sculpture

Barthé: A Life in Sculpture is a heavily illustrated biography of Richmond Barthé (1909-1989), the first modern African American sculptor to achieve real critical success. Much of Barthé's biography is recorded here for the first time in tandem with analyses and interpretations of his sculpture. Born to Creole parents in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, Barthé's art brought him out of poverty.

After four years of academic training at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Barthé reaped the benefits of the 1920s New Negro Arts Renaissance. He also endured difficulties as a gay, Roman Catholic, Creole sculptor working during the nation's post-World War II era

Barthé: A Life in Sculpture is now available from UPM.

Barthé was noted for givng his black subjects in particular an intensity and sensuality that attracted important European American patrons and the press. Below are three images from the book.


I have been waiting for years for a bio on Barthe to appear. Now to figure out how to get a copy.
Anonymous said…
If you should find info on how to obtain a copy of this book please let me know. He is my great great uncle

Brigitte Barthe'