On the Horizon: Delta Deep Down

In Delta Deep Down, photographer Jane Rule Burdine. offers an unforgettable portrait of a quintessential Mississippi place and the people who abide in it.

Since the early 1970s, Burdine has used the Delta as her muse, traversing and documenting the ever-changing landscape in color photographs.

A region that evokes mystery, beauty, and hardship in equal measures. The haunted fields, turbulent history, and resilient people have fueled countless songs, tales, and literary works, and its presence resonates strongly in the construction of the American South.

Delta Deep Down will be available from UPM in September.

The powerful images included in this collection reflect how the Delta and its citizens have responded to each other, and how each has in turn been changed. The Delta's past and present mingle in every photograph of the inhabitants--black and white, young and old, rich and poor--in moments of contemplation, hard work, and joyous revelry.

Novelist and Indianola native Steve Yarbrough offers a touching, personal introduction that explores how Burdine's photographs reveal the place he once called home, and how, through her photographs, the hold this fertile ground claims on his heart is reinforced.

Wendy McDaris provides historical context and locates Burdine's work among current trends in fine art photography.
See more photos from Delta Deep Down below:


Anonymous said…
There have been many photography books about the Delta but most are by "outsiders." Jane Rule is one of us (born and reared here) yet detached (her adult life is in the gentle hills of Taylor). She has the eye, the heart and the technical know-how to show the Delta in all its amazing complexity. And she does. Thank you , Jane Rule. --mdm, G'ville