New Book: Growing Up in Mississippi

A collection of thirty essays by notable Mississippians, Growing Up in Mississippi uncovers the diverse experiences and impressions of growing up in the Magnolia State. This collection of essays, arranged chronologically, celebrates a diverse group of Mississippians whose achievements cover a wide range of accomplishments.

This book is now available from UPM.

Editors Judy H. Tucker and Charline R. McCord have assembled a multifaceted group, representing all areas of the state and differing in professions, talents, and temperaments. These essays attempt to shed light on the influences that forged the characters of these productive citizens, and guided them as they made their way in life.

The foreword is provided by Richard Ford. Ford explores the very essence of influence and illustrates his conclusions by recalling an indelible incident between his mother and himself in the front yard of their home on Congress Street in Jackson

The book includes contributions from the following:
Elizabeth H. Aydelott, Fred Banks, Jimmy Buffett, Edward Cohen, Maggie Wade Dixon, Ellen Douglas, Richard Ford, W. Ralph Eubanks, Gwendolyn Gong, Carolyn Haines, Lorian Hemingway, Samuel Jones, Robert C. Khayat, B. B. King, John Maxwell, Alberto J. Mora, Donald H. Peterson, Noel Polk, Jerry Rice, George E. Riggs, Robert St. John, Sid Salter, Elizabeth Spencer, Constance Slaughter-Harveye, Elizabeth Spencer, Clifton Taulbert, Keith Tonkel, , Sela Ward, Wyatt Waters, Jim Weatherly, and William F. Winter.

Kat Bergeron of the Sun-Herald has a rundown of the book.