New Book Details History of The Egg Bowl

“A rivalry?” exclaimed one veteran observer. “Ole Miss and Mississippi State are war!”

The Egg Bowl by William G. Barner is a comprehensive analysis of the Ole Miss and Mississippi State football rivalry covering each game from 1901 to the most recent battle in 2006. This book includes over 60 black and white photographs that demonstrate the tradition and level of competition.

Every contest in the 103-game rivalry is treated individually and thoroughly. Each installment recaps the action from that year’s game complete with box score as well as schedules and results for each school’s entire season. Statheads will delight in the in-depth appendix which lists every player who has ever scored in the contest, fascinating facts, and games at-a-glance for quick reference.

The players and coaches from each school are the focal point of the narrative. An estimated 3,500 lettermen have been eligible for play in Mississippi State–Ole Miss games, but only a select few are answers to trivia questions. For instance, which player has scored the most touchdowns? Who made the longest run or threw the longest touchdown pass? How many kickoffs have been returned for a touchdown? Which two men have coached at both schools? And surprisingly, which three players have lettered at Ole Miss and Mississippi State?

The Rebel and Bulldog faithful are some of the most loyal and enthusiastic fans in the country. Since the first contest in 1901, fan devotion has only deepened, climbing to an intensity that only a Mississippian knows and understands.

William G. Barner, a graduate of the University of Mississippi, is a retired advertising writer and lives in Atlanta, Georgia.